Post Sales Support

BinaryHome does not charge for basic technical support (including faults) for the following services:

  • ADSL2+ Broadband
  • NBN Broadband
  • Fixed Line telephony
  • Voice over IP

We may charge you a service fee for the following:

  • Where a customer requests a complex configuration change to a Voice over IP service
  • Project management
  • Onsite service call-outs
  • Cabling and wiring changes

You may also be liable for service fees from us or our upstream provider, if a reported fault is found to be caused by:

  • Faulty equipment not supplied by BinaryHome
  • Wiring within your premises
  • Interference from equipment not supplied by BinaryHome
  • A fault that is outside our network
  • No fault found
  • Improper use or tampering with BinaryHome supplied equipment
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