NBN Phone

We have a range of NBN Phone plans to suit every home.

NBN Phone gives you the ability to make telephone calls over your existing NBN Fibre Broadband connection.

With NBN Phone, you can enjoy low call rates everyday without purchasing any new equipment or adapters – just connect your home phone to the NBN termination unit and contact us to get started!

If you don’t already have an NBN Fibre Broadband service, we can arrange the connection for you.



Residential NBN Phone Plans

NBN Phone Basic

$9.95Price per month
  • NBN Home Phone
  • Basic phone service for NBN-enabled locations
  • Low monthly access fee
  • Use your existing telephone handset
  • Perfect for general use

  • Local Calls – 20c per call
  • Standard National Calls – 20c per min
  • Standard Mobile Calls – 25c per min
  • 13/1300 Calls – 35c per call

  • You must have an eligible NBN Fibre broadband service billed by us.
  • $50 connection fee
  • 12 Month minimum term
  • Minimum cost over 12 months: $169.40


    Before making your selection, please consult the Critical Information Summary for this product.