Complaint Handling Process

In the 17 years we’ve been operating, we’re yet to find any issue that cannot be readily resolved by appropriately engaging with our processes.
We both want the same thing, for you to be a loyal happy customer of ours for many years to come.

In order to process complaint in a timely manner, we have implemented a Complaint Handling Process which is free of charge, focused on you and easy to use, and is approved by and under the direction of our senior management as required by CA C628:2012.

Complaint Handling Process
Step One – Contact Customer Service

Service Enquires
You must first contact our customer service staff by either telephone or by email in order to resolve your issue. If your issue is not related to a fault lodged with an upstream carrier, you may escalate the issue to a Complaint if it has not been resolved within five (5) business days so as to give us a reasonable opportunity to address your issue.

Service Faults
If a fault is lodged for your service with an upstream carrier, you must wait for the resolution of this fault or ten (10) business days (whichever occurs first) before you may escalate your issue to a Complaint so as to give us a reasonable opportunity to address your issue.

Issues escalated to our upstream carriers have different response and restoration targets, based on the type of service and the area in which you live. From time to time our upstream carriers may be unable to complete your repair do to factors outside their control including (but not limited to), Natural Disasters, Mass Service Disruption Notices, Building Access Restrictions etc. Our customer service team will keep you informed of updates in relation to these extended delays as we receive them from our upstream carriers.

Urgent Issues
In the event you have an urgent issue which requires immediate resolution, you may lodge a Complaint at any time earlier setting out the proper grounds as to why your Complaint ought to be treated as urgent. The urgency of your Complaint will be assessed on the basis of relevant legislation, industry codes, industry norms and processes, the type of service you have purchased, what can practically be done quicker and what is fair and reasonable.

Businesses that are obtain residential services from us will have their Urgent request politely refused, as almost all residential service we provide have no SLA from the upstream carrier and are provided on a best-effort basis, and should not be used by Businesses that depend on it.

Step Two – Escalate to Complaint

Lodging a Complaint
You must lodge your Complaint, in writing, by email to
In the event that you do not have access to email, you may lodge your complaint in writing by letter or fax.

Lodging complaints in writing makes tracking correspondence easier for all parties and is therefore the preferred method to facilitate a transparent and comprehensively consumer focused outcome.

In the event you are unable as a result of issues related to accessibility, you may lodge a complaint by telephone.

In order to comply with our record keeping obligations under C628:2012 part 8, if you lodge a complaint by telephone, your telephone call must be recorded. In the event you refuse for your telephone call to be recorded, you will be asked to instead lodge your complaint in writing.

Included in your complaint must be the following information:

• Your customer number;
• Your name;
• Particulars of the complaint including dates of any correspondence with our staff; and
• Particulars of what steps you have taken to resolve the issue yourself in conjunction with our assistance.

• What outcome/resolution you are seeking.

You should ensure the particulars of your complaint are succinct.

If you are acting on behalf of a customer, your Complaint will not be accepted unless you have been appointed as an Authorised Contact on the account.

Acknowledgement of a Complaint
We will acknowledge your complaint within two (2) business days of the receipt of the complaint.
At the time of the acknowledgement, we:

• Will allocate you a unique complaint reference number;
• Reserve the right to reject your complaint if it is trivial or vexatious;
• Reserve the right to charge appropriate fees for making a complaint where the investigation process is onerous and the levy of a charge is justified. Should the complaint be found in favour of the customer, the charge levied will be refunded. You will be informed in advance prior to any charges being accrued or billed;

The particulars of your complaint will be discussed with you in writing by email, and where necessary, by telephone contact, which will at all times be recorded. As part of the Complaint, you will be advised how you can monitor the progress of the Complaint.

Step Three – Resolution

A resolution on your complaint will be provided within ten (10) business days from the date of complaint lodgement. If your complaint is related to a fault with an upstream carrier, the resolution time may take longer, such as up to an additional ten (10) working days. If this is the case, we will advise you accordingly including any relevant additional information we are required to by law such as external avenues for dispute resolution.

Step Four – External Dispute Resolution

If you are dissatisfied with your resolution or there has been undue delay in providing you with a resolution, you may seek to resolution of the dispute via external means such as lodging a claim in the Local Court or lodging a complaint with the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO).

The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) is a private company that makes money through providing an alternate dispute resolution service. It is not a government organisation and has no powers to direct infrastructure providers such as Telstra or Optus to perform any act such as repair lines and upgrade or repair exchanges or base stations.
As required by law, the TIO will refuse to accept a complaint and you will be referred back to us if you have not followed or in any way attempted to circumvent our complaints handling process and therefore not give us a reasonable opportunity to resolve your complaint.

Forfeit of complaint

Any customer forfeits their right to have their Complaint heard if, during the resolution process they:

• Comport themselves in a harassing, rude, aggressive, arrogant or threatening manner.
• Refuse to perform one or more tasks required by us to resolve their issue.
• Propose, demand, assert or purport unreasonable, grossly inaccurate or highly improbably statements or resolutions.

Examples of behaviour which will result in forfeiture are respectively:

• Use of profanity in communication with staff.
• Refusal to perform an isolation test.

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